On April 24th, 2018, a nervous Brandon Carr found himself entering a tunnel that led to 10, 000 cheering families, except on this occasion it wasn’t to enter a football game. A far too familiar feeling as Brandon has played in over 160 straight games as an NFL cornerback. On this day, he was entering the arena at UT-Arlington as the keynote speaker for Uplift Education’s College signing day. A celebratory event that features Uplift seniors as they walk across the stage enthusiastically unveiling their future college.

Brandon’s mission as the keynote speaker was to leave Uplift Education’s senior class with not only words of encouragement, but also lessons to live by as they embark on their new college career. His key lessons were centered around the following principles: “keep good company”, “stay the course”, and “stay ready”. Brandon gave personal examples of when these principles came into play throughout his own life, molding him into the person he is today.

Brandon concluded his speech by autographing the Uplift Education logo, joining the rest of the senior class, and adding “good luck” at the top of his signature. Brandon enjoyed his first Uplift Education college signing day and wished all 659 seniors’ success throughout their college career.