Reading Buddy Program


On June 7, 2019, students from the “Reading Buddies” program at Glenmount Elementary/Middle School were treated to their first annual end of the year celebration trip to iFly White Marsh. The trip commemorates the accomplishments of “Carr Cares Reading Buddies,” a literacy mentorship program for 2nd and 8th grade students that highlights the importance of reading through weekly meetings and activities. This is a celebration of all of the hard work students have done this year. The goal of “Reading Buddies” is to instill a lifelong love of books as well as to encourage reading mastery and self confidence in the classroom and beyond.

During the 2018-19 school year, struggling 2nd grade students were paired with 8th grade mentors who coached them in reading comprehension and mastery. Over the course of the school year students read 400 books and gained 72 reading levels.

Eighth grade mentor Javi T. commented, “Mentoring has been a long but fun process and I loved every step of it. It not only made me grow as an individual but also helped me be more prepared for manhood. It helped with my social skills too. My reading buddy has been awesome and taught me valuable things like to express myself more while reading and to be more animated. My being more animated helped my buddy to enjoy reading more and raised his reading level. I loved all parts of this adventure, from the struggles to having fun and laughing. So all in all I want to thank you for the opportunity to be a mentor.”